VFFS Liquid Pouch Packing Machine

Suitable for, water, non-thick drinks, sauces, juice liquids, etc.

  • The equipment is equipped with safety protection, in line with the requirements of enterprise safety management, All contact materials are 304 stainless steel or ABS food grade plastic;
  • The equipment can automatically complete the whole packing process of feeding, measuring, filling and bag making, date printing, air filling (exhaust), finished product transportation. And automatically complete the counting with high measurement accuracy and high efficiency;
  • The equipment is controlled by PLC, man-machine interface, and touch screen operation is simple and intuitive;
  • The packing machine adopts PLC control servo motor double film pulling, the sealing and cutting position adopts motor automatic correction device and color code tracking, accurate positioning, beautiful packaging, which maximizes the control precision, reliability and intelligence of the whole machine;
  • Perfect automatic alarm protection function, reduce the loss to minimum and help to troubleshoot in time;
  • The filling and feeding adopts professional drip leakage prevention and throttling mode, which can effectively avoid the phenomenon of unfirm sealing;
  • Diversified packaging styles: back sealing bag, gusseted bag, chained bag, punching bag, etc;
  • Scope of application: edible oil, milk, sauce, seasoning, distilled water, tomato sauce, ice bag, etc.
Packing speed5-70bag/min5-65bag/min5-50bag/min5-45bag/min
Film width range120mm-420mm160mm-520mm260mm-620mm260mm-730mm
Bag size(L)60-300mm (W)50-200mm(L)80-350mm (W)70-250mm(L)80-400mm (W)120-350mm(L)80-470mm (W)120-350mm
Bag typePillow bag, gusseted bags, perforated bags
Film thickness0.04-0.09mm
Air consumption0.8Mps 0.5m³/min
Machine size(L×W×H)1460×1050×1410mm1480×1130×1450mm1600×1300×1790mm1630×1400×1960mm
Machine weight400kg480kg600kg700kg
Packing capacity2.5L4.3L7L10L
* It is widely used in packing sweetened bean paste, lotus seed filling,fruit jam, Chinese watermelon jam, cheese, jam, sauce, salad, lotion, semi liquid, and liquid.

* Equipped with input pump, the machine could automatically pack the products in high temperature that will improve the productivity, decrease the cost, and avoid making the twice packing.