Rotary Granule Premade Bag Packing Machine

Suitable for small packages (10-2000g) of bulk objects that require high measurement accuracy and fragile, such as: puffed food, crispy rice, jelly, candy, pistachio, crispy fruit and vegetable, grains, hardware, medicinal materials, etc.

Rotary Granule Premade Bag Packing Machine Details

  • The equipment is equipped with safety protection, which meets the requirements of enterprise safety management. All contact materials are 304 stainless steel or ABS food grade plastic;
  • The equipment can automatically complete the entire packaging process of feeding, metering, filling and bag making, date printing, gas filling (exhaust), and finished
  • Product delivery, also automatically completes counting, with high measurement accuracy and high efficiency;
  • The equipment is fully controlled by PLC, man-machine interface, and touch screen operation is simple and intuitive;
  • The packaging machine is equipped with a detection device, which can detect that the filling device does not fill and the heat sealing device does not seal when there
  • Is no packaging or the packaging bag is not opened, so as to avoid wasting packaging materials and raw materials;
  • The size of the packaging bag can be changed quickly, and the width of the automatic bag feeding device can be easily and quickly adjusted by adjusting the handle;
  • Adopt prefabricated bag packaging, exquisite packaging, level up;
  • The packaging bag has a wide range of applications. It can be applied to self-supporting bags made of multilayer composite film, eight-sided bags, paper bags, threesided sealed bags, and zipper bags;

Rotary Granule Premade Bag Packing Machine Application

Packing speed20-55bag/min depend on product10-45bag/min depend on product
Bag size(L)150-320mm (W)100-200mm(L)150-320mm (W)100-200mm
Bag typeStand up bag, three-side sealing bag, and other composite bags
Film thickness0.04-0.09mm
Air consumption0.8Mps 0.5m³/min
Machine size(L×W×H)1700×1300×1400mm1900×1450×1500mm
Rotary Granule Premade Bag Packing Machine Application

Rotary Granule Premade Bag Packing Machine Application