Automatic Cling Wrapping Machine

Mainly suitable for: all kinds of fruits, vegetables, fresh products, cooked food products, cabbage, broccoli, grapefruit and so on.

  • Packaging efficiency: 20-25 bags/min, packaging efficiency is about 4-5 times of manual;
  • Good packaging effect: packaging standardly, firmly, beautifully and uniformly, help to enhance brand value;
  • Automatic assembly line: can integrate a variety of equipment, like packaging, weighing, labeling process integration, more efficient and more peace of mind;
  • Film materials are widely selected: suitable for all kinds of fresh-keeping film (PVC/PE), and domestic film and import film are ok for this machine; But some foreign equipment can only use imported fresh-keeing film;
  • High-end material selection: the whole machine adopts stainless steel, suitable for high humidity and other corrosive environment; but some foreign similar equipment only part or completely do not use stainless steel, easy to be corroded in harsh environment;
  • Comfortable operation: simple interface design and fast response, low noise, more comfortable;
  • Exquisite workmanship: integral welding processing, so equipment stability is better.
Film width350-550mm
Film maximum diameter160mm
Packing size(L)120-350×(W)95-220×(H)10-130mm
Package weight50g-4500g
Packaging speed 25 bags/min
Equipment power1400W