Chain Bucket Small Bag Packing Machine

Chain bucket packing machine is a kind of equipment that does not weigh the material when during the packaging process. It widely applies to various granules, such as peanuts, potato chips, banana chips, prawn crackers, bugles snacks, onion rings, biscuits, broad beans, green beans, red dates, cereal, etc. Besides, it can make it possible to package different materials into one bag, like scented tea. You can choose manual putting material into chain buckets or matching with weighing filling machine to realize fully automatic, highly improving production efficiency, and saving labor and time.

  • Compact structure, reasonable design, simple and easy operation interface;
  • Adopt high-sensitivity photoelectric eye color mark tracking, stepping motor pull film, stable performance and low noise;
  • Adopt frequency conversion speed regulation, stable operation, low noise and low failure rate;
  • Can pack different bag shapes, such as back seal, side seal, pin, continuous bag, etc.;
  • Manual feeding, simple operation;
  • Low noise and low working environment requirements;
  • Can add non-standard customization such as inflatable device, perforating device, continuous bag device, easy tear device, etc.


Optional device for your choice:

1. Date Coder
2. Hole Punching Device(Pinhole, Round hole, the butterfly hole)
3. Linking bag control device
4. Air-filling Device
5. Air Exhaust Device
6. Tear Notch Device

TypeChain Bucket Small Bag Packing Machine
film width280mm
Bag width50-150mm
Bag length30-200mm
Packing speed30-100bag/min
Measuring range50-500ml
Coil outer diameterMAX.300mm
Machine weight350kg
Use power specifications
Back seal packaging machine with chain buckets is suitable for all kinds of non-stick granules, such as scented tea, coffee bean, peanut, broad bean, melon seeds, puffed food, oatmeal, rice crust, green beans, red beans, popcorn, candy, apple chips, potato chips, french chips, banana chips, prawn cracker, bugles snacks, onion ring, biscuit, snacks, jelly, dried fruit, dried vegetable, etc.
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