Mask Flow Packing Machine

The equipment is mainly used in instant noodles, biscuits, snow cakes, shahe powder, rice dumplings, chocolate, moon cakes, sorbet, bread yolk pie, seaweed, napkin, soap, electric mosquito coil, pharmaceutical and industrial parts, single or grain block, bulk meterials packaging.


  • Unlimited packaging length, using advanced optical fiber sensor, automatically identify the length of the product, and automatically seal and cut the packaging bags;
  • No need to fix the product position,the sensor automatically recognizes the packaging distance;
  • No need to manually adjust the position of packaging materials;
  • Feeding parts and film running structure are controlled by servo motors , realize the function of infinitely variable speed, easier operation;
  • Servo motor controls the cutter,anti-empty bag,anti-cutting function;
  • Servo control, easier operation, higher controll ability and more precise;
  • The control adopts its own program, which can be upgraded and increase the system control points according to user's requirement.
Film widthMax 250mmMax 250mm
Bag lengthunlimited
Bag width30-110mm50-160mm
Product heightMax 40-60mmMax 40-60mm
Fim roll diameterMax 320mm
Packing speed40-230bag/min40-230bag/min
Power220V 50/60Hz4.1kW4.3kW
Machine size(L×W×H)3877×670×1390mm3980×830×1390mm
Machine weight450kg580kg
Optional deviceCoding machine, Gas-filling device, Cake falling device, Sorting machine
Packaging materialFor example single-layer heat sealing BOPP or composite film such as OPP composite PE, PET composite PEF
Bag typeBack-sealed package (hanging hole round hole/butterfly hole can be customized )
Horizontal sealing /Blade grainCutter edge serrated/flat edge plus V easy tear
Mask Flow Packing Machine Application